Posted by: jakinnan | August 16, 2011

Stop Bleeding

-Apply direct, firm pressure with a bulky dressing and the heel of your gloved hand for 10 to 20 minutes.

-Tie a wide, flat wrap around the wound to keep pressure. Knot it directly over the dressing.

-If possible, elevate the wound above heart level.

-Apply pressure to the nearest supply artery; the upper arm(brachial), leg(femoral), or knee(popliteal).

-Promote clotting: Keep the victim still and leave wound contacting padding in place.

-Last resort: Tighten a wide-bandage tourniquet above the wound. Loosen hourly to check for clotting and limit application to six hours.

-Backpacker magaazine, September 2011, Page 37

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