Posted by: jakinnan | January 12, 2012

How Can I Stop Sliding Off My Sleeping Pad?

Q.} I love my sleeping bag/pad combo, except for one thing. I can’t stop sliding off the pad! Is there anything that I can do to my pad to cut down on the sliding
Submitted by: Lance, Dallas, TX

A.} Yes! Here’s a cheap, easy fix–the very best kind!

Buy a tube of SeamGrip for about $7 (, wash the surface of your pad with soap and water, and let it dry thoroughly. Then just create a pattern of little dots along the surface of the pad. Focus on the torso and hip area, where most of your body weight resides. Let it cure for 24 hours or so and you’ve got a non-slip sleeping pad!

You can customize the stickiness by adding more dots later on, and if you find that the pad slips on the floor of your tent, you can even add a few dots to the bottom surface for better grip there. Sweet dreams! — Kristin

-Thank-you Backpacker Magazine

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