Posted by: jakinnan | February 5, 2012

Trail Mix Blues


Q.} I am hiking from Mexico to Canada this May (2,650 miles), and my two friends are mostly going to munch on trail mixes–but I can’t eat nuts! What can I eat that is lightweight, yet gives me what my body needs to hike 20-plus miles a day? Submitted by: -Scott W., Thousand Oaks, CA

A.} Jeez, 2,700 miles on trail mix!?! Don’t they want to have fun? Seems to me the most important aspect of eating is enjoying what you eat. Anyway, if you want complete nutrition with light weight, here’s my suggestion: Pack high nutrition granola bars (read the labels) and beef jerky. I’d also throw in a pat or two of butter—real butter—for every day. And probably a powdered energy drink mix. You’ll end up carrying a lighter load than 20 miles a day worth of trail mix too.

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