Posted by: jakinnan | July 5, 2012

Wardsworth Creek Trail NO. 010

On June 16, 2012 we drove through Hobble Creek Canyon to the end of the paved road and noticed this trail. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon begging for a family hike. This is one of my favorite trails that I have hiked in Utah so far. One reason it’s 20 minutes from our house. The trail follows the creek that sings to you during your hike. It is also a very easy trail with minimal (by Utah standards) elevation gain.


As with any trail that follows a creek for any length of time; sooner or later you are going to have to cross this. Katie and James absolutely love trails that cross water. The more times you cross the better the trail. Katie demonstrates her mastery crossing the creek.

One more reason that makes a trail fun and exciting especially when you have no destination is wildlife. We were hiking along when the kids spotted perhaps the biggest and juiciest fishing worm in all of Utah. Upon closer examination we realized this was not the bait we could use. It was in fact a snake! After getting home and researching we discovered it was a Western Blind Snake.


This trail was beautiful along the whole path. We could see brook trout swimming in the creek. The dirt was like pillows under our feet. We also found a couple of secluded campsites along the creek. We hope to camp here in the near future. We just thank God for this trail and for placing it so close to our home. Here are a few more pics for visual stimulation.


Happy hiking and may God Bless you and your adventures always!

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