Posted by: jakinnan | August 25, 2012

Blue Summer Evenings

“On the blue summer evenings, I will go along the paths,
And walk over the short grass, as I am pricked by the wheat:
Daydreaming I will feel the coolness on my feet.
I will let the wind bathe my bare head. I will not speak,
I will have no thoughts: But infinite love will mount in my soul;
And I will go far, far off, like a gypsy,
through the countryside.

-Arthur Rimbaud

Picture Credit: Sherry’s Place


  1. love this thought….makes me want to pack up and go hiking! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

    • You are welcome. Thank you for your comment and support. We are going hiking this evening. God Bless You.

      • thanks…have a safe trip and don’t forget your camera! 🙂

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