Posted by: jakinnan | October 10, 2012

Show Us How It’s Done

Paul speaks of different glories—the glory of the sun, as compared to the glory of the moon. There are different humilities as well. You have the humility of setting aside an office—the king takes off his crown to become a pauper in the street. But there is the greater humility of setting aside the power—the Son of God lays down his glory to become a human being. It is the humility of utter dependence. Jesus wept, he prayed, he learned obedience. So that we might learn to do the same. What we are witnessing when Jesus “disciples” his followers is something like the emperor stepping down in the arena to face the lions with us, show us how it’s done, using only the tools available to us. Staggering. And so hopeful.

-John Eldredge, Beautiful Outlaw, 138 & 139

Picture Credit: Alexander Nerozya

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