Posted by: jakinnan | November 25, 2012

Experiencing Jesus

Last year, as a wise old sage was praying with me through some of the painful memories of my life, I was immediately reminded of the time in middle school when my first girlfriend broke my heart. These wounds can linger for a lifetime if you let them—the first cut is the deepest, and all that. We asked Jesus to take me back to the memory. I saw us, the girl and me; it was that fateful summer day. We were in the living room, just as it happened. Then I saw Jesus enter the room. He was quite stern with her, and it surprised me. That mattered to you? I wondered. Very much, he said.

Then Jesus turned to me. I felt his love. I realized I could let the whole thing go. It was so healing. To understand that Jesus is angry about what happened to you is very, very important in understanding his personality but also in your relationship with him and for your healing. What I love about these encounters is that every time—every time—Jesus is so true to his real personality. Sometimes fierce, sometimes gentle, always generous, and often very playful.

Now, experiencing Jesus doesn’t have to be dramatic. Sometimes it is, but not always. When you think of all those days the disciples spent with Jesus, just walking here and there or reclining at the table, the “big-time” miracles actually account for a small portion of those three years. There was just a lot ordinary living. Jesus comes here, too. In a tulip, a smile, a cup of coffee, the night sky. If we will get rid of the limits and the religious constraints, we will see him everywhere.

-John Eldredge, Beautiful Outlaw, 216-218

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