Posted by: jakinnan | January 7, 2013

Guest blog by Marybeth Haydon



In a hurry so that I could get to the trailhead at a reasonable time, I quickly entered the bank as I dug into my purse for my deposit. Someone who had been saying, “Miss! Miss!” was now at my side, pressing a gun to my temple. Ok, now it registers that he had been talking to me. I had just walked into a bank robbery. I remember thinking, “Oh, just great.” Thankfully, they had not mistaken my rummaging through my purse as an aggressive act; searching for my own weapon.
I stood rigidly still. A gun to your head can do that to you. The thought came to mind, “Look down. Do not look into his eyes.” I heard one of the robbers say, “Ok!” as he hopped back over the counter, hand flat on the counter surface for support, the other hand grasping a beige canvas bag. The men fled through the door, past me since I remained where I had first entered the bank.
I looked up, irritated of all things. Funny the things that goes through your mind in this sort of situation. No one moved. Not the tellers, not the customers. Not knowing quite what else to do, I approached a teller to make my deposit; the line had vanished. Others began to move about robotically. The teller muttered that it was the third robbery in the same number of weeks and was considering quitting.
Where was their security?
It wasn’t until much later that the shock wore off and I began to “count my blessings”. I understood that the Lord had been speaking to my spirit, guiding my stunned mind to the least threatening stance and attitude towards these men. I wondered at why the branch manager had not arranged tighter security, or at least a “sting operation” with the FBI. Or have I read too many mystery novels?
Where is my security?
I made it to my hiking destination (a bit more energized than normal) and as I looked out at the city below it hit me: The Lord has spared my life yet again! I find absolute security in that, yet I worry over things. The Word assures me that The Lord knows the number of hairs on my head, and my worrying demonstrates my insecurity in His ability to provide for me! He protects me and He provides for me, not the bank. Not a piece of paper with numbers on it. Lord, forgive my unbelief.
Along with this year’s goals of higher and harder hikes and climbs, help me to focus on what is important this year. Revive me unto YOU, Lord. That my relationship in You continues to grow, that my hunger for souls will flourish. That I be secure in You and not the things of this world. Let the wildernesses of my soul blossom in new growth and love. Let Your Spirit rain on me and reign in me, for Your glory.

We just want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Marybeth Haydon for agreeing to do a guest blog for us. Please check out Marybeth’s Wilderness Training books and her blog at

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