Posted by: jakinnan | January 16, 2013

Spring Pasta Salad

spring pasta salad

It has been really cold here in Utah. Here is a recipe to help you think Spring.


3 oz ramen
1⁄4 c freeze dried green peas
2 T freeze dried sliced olives
1 1⁄4 t lower sodium vegetable bouillon
1 t italian herb seasoning
1⁄2 t true lemon powder
1⁄4 t ground black pepper
1 T extra virgin olive oil (1 packet)
2 pkt parmesan cheese
1 1⁄4 c water


Baked ramen works wonderfully in this recipe.

Dry weight of the meal is 5 ounces.


Crumble the ramen into bite size pieces. Pack it, the vegetables and seasonings in a quart freezer bag. Tuck the oil and cheese packets in with the bag.

Add the cool water to the bag, seal tightly and let sit for 15 to 20 minutes to rehydrate. Open up the bag, stir in the oil and the cheese. Add salt to taste, if desired.

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