Posted by: jakinnan | January 21, 2013

Mashed Potato Burritos



3⁄4 c instant mashed potatoes
1 T dry milk
1 T butter powder
1 T sour cream powder
2   flour tortillas
2 pkt salsa
1 oz cheddar or cojack cheese
1 c water


At home:
Bag the dry ingredients in a pint freezer bag. Put the tortillas in a tightly sealed plastic bag. Tuck in the salsa and cheese with everything.

On trail:
Freezer bag method:
Add the hot water to the quart freezer bag. Stir well, seal and let sit while you prep the cheese.

Insulated mug method:
Add the dry ingredients to your mug along with the boiling water. Stir well and let sit while you prep the cheese.

For both methods:
Slice the cheese up. Lay down a section of clean paper towel. Place your tortillas down. Spread the mashed potatoes between the two tortillas. Top with cheese, then salsa. Roll up and eat.

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