Posted by: jakinnan | January 31, 2013

Hiker’s Primavera Pasta



6 oz box white cheddar mac n’ cheese
1⁄4 c freeze dried green peas
1⁄4 c freeze dried sweet corn
2 T diced dried carrots
2 T diced sun-dried tomatoes
1⁄4 c shelf stable parmesan cheese
1 T dry milk
1 t italian herb seasoning
1⁄4 t granulated garlic
1⁄4 t freshly ground black pepper
1 T olive oil (1 packet)
4 c water


For the mac n’ cheese we used Annie’s natural brand. Any similar type will work – use the one you prefer.

Shelf stable Parmesan cheese? Look for the “green” cans.

Find the dried vegetables at

Want it fresh for an overnighter in spring?
You can also make this dish with fresh vegetables! Pick up whatever items you like, a couple handfuls. Pea pods, baby zucchini, baby corn, etc work well. In camp using a clean knife chop up the items. Add to the boiling water with the pasta and continue as noted above. Finish the meal with a roma tomato chopped on top.


At home:
In a sandwich bag pack the dry pasta and vegetables together. In a snack size bag pack the cheese sauce mix, cheese, dry milk and seasonings. Tuck the oil into a spill resistant container or use a convenient single serving packet.

Bring 4 cups water to a boil in your pot, add in the pasta bag and cook for time on package (usually 8 minutes). Reserve 1/4 cup of the cooking water and drain the rest off carefully. Stir the seasoning bag into the pasta with the reserved water and oil till creamy.

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