Posted by: jakinnan | May 2, 2013

Double Oreo Pudding


A Sweet reward for a day of hiking


4 1⁄5 oz package jell-o oreo cookies ‘n creme instant pudding
2⁄3 c dry milk
8 oz package mini oreo cookies


Find the Mini Oreos in the cookie aisle at all grocery stores, they come in mylar bags for easy packing.
For a more decadent pudding use full fat Nido dry milk instead of the usual non-fat dry.


At home:
Pack the pudding mix and dry milk in a quart freezer bag. Carry the cookies in their packaging. Also take new snack size bags for everyone’s portion (it will serve 2 to 4 depending on appetite).

In camp:
Add 2 cups cold water to the pudding bag, seal tightly and shake for 5 minutes. Stash in a cold stream or snowbank for 30 minutes. Stir up and divide between the bags. Top liberally with mini cookies.

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Picture Credit: Tonya Ferguson

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