Posted by: jakinnan | September 17, 2013

Dreaming With God



God dreams big. And he invites us to dream big with him. God has planted dreams and desires in each one of our hearts, and they are unique to us. Opening up our spirits, our minds, our heart, our imaginations to what we would really like—to even the possibility of wanting—allows the Holy Spirit to awaken parts of ourselves that are in such a deep sleep no dreams are happening.

God is a Dreamer. He has dreams of you and for you.

When we dream with God, we don’t want to run to thinking, How can I make this happen? Dreaming with God isn’t about how. It’s about what. If anything could happen, then what would I love to see happen in my life? What would I love to see happen in the lives of those I love? It’s really much easier to dream for other people, to have desires for our children and our friends. We can fairly easily name what we want their lives to look like, the healing and the freedom we’d love for them to come to know. It’s a wee bit more difficult to dream for our own lives.

– Stasi Eldredge, Becoming Myself

Photo courtesy of Will Leggett.

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