Posted by: jakinnan | January 25, 2014

If Only We Understood His Heart More Clearly

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We feel that God is not only unconcerned with our plight, but that he is actually working against us. And sometimes, we are right… Indeed, in the seventeenth chapter of Acts, Paul gives the Athenians the stunning news that every single thing in the lives of both nations and individuals is orchestrated with this sole objective that they might seek God (vv. 26-28). This revelation requires some reflection. We are used to thinking of the great movements of history, even the movements in our immediate relationships, as being impersonal, if not arbitrary. But with God, who notes the fall of every sparrow, the events of our lives are thoughtfully and thoroughly orchestrated to bring about our redemption. The days of our lives were ordered and numbered before there was one of them, says the psalmist (139:16). And yet, the ways of his redemption often leave us trembling and fearful.

“Do you really care for me, God?” Can we trust this stranger who leaps out upon us? Could it be that his glory and our well-being really are part of the same script?

If only we understood his heart more clearly. . . .

– John Eldredge, The Sacred Romance


  1. To understand God’s heart, we must understand that His character is unchanging, and his character is Love. You and I can be loving, but only God can BE love. That being said, it is only in God’s nature to act for our healing and for our good, as a healthy parent always will act for the good of their child. And, like a parent, it is sometimes necessary for God to discipline His children in order to show them His path or to correct a cherished sin. But this is always, seen from the proper perspective, a manifestation of His ultimate love for Man. And sometimes extreme conditions require extreme measures, as in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah. If a patient presents before a doctor and is diagnosed with a tumor, would it be right for the doctor to ignore the tumor until it has spread to the entire body, or does he have to cut it out for the benefit of the greater whole? Romans 1 tells us clearly that God’s wrath is when he, according to our wishes, withdraws from us and leaves us to reap the rewards of our own choices and actions. Choices and actions that are contrary to God’s design protocol for creation — love — naturally result in death, in the same way violating the law of gravity by walking off the roof of a skyscraper will result in death. It’s not a punishment; it’s a natural consequence.
    Jesus said that He was a direct reflection of the Father; why do we allow our traditions to present them as having such different characters? The Truth shall set us free.

    • Well said! Thank you for your insights. God Bless.


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