Posted by: jakinnan | June 5, 2014

Twisted Theology


It is simply diabolical, despicable, downright evil that the heart should be so misunderstood, maligned, feared, and dismissed. But there is our clue again. The war we are in would explain so great a loss. This is the last thing the Enemy wants you to know. His plan from the beginning was to assault the heart, just as the Wicked Witch did to the Tin Woodman. Make them so busy, they ignore the heart. Wound them so deeply, they don’t want a heart. Twist their theology, so they despise the heart. Take away their courage. Destroy their creativity. Make intimacy with God impossible for them.

Of course your heart would be the object of a great and fierce battle. It is your most precious possession. Without your heart you cannot have God. Without your heart you cannot have love. Without your heart you cannot have faith. Without your heart you cannot find the work you were meant to do. In other words, without your heart you cannot have life. The question is, did Jesus keep his promise? What has he done for our hearts?

The answer will astound you.

– John Eldredge, Waking the Dead

Photo: Jerome Slagle


  1. Amen! For more along these lines, I strongly recommend the new book “Servant God: the cosmic conflict over God’s trustworthiness”. It’s an amazing revelation of God’s eternal character of love.

    • Thank you for the comment and support. I will definitely have to check the book out. Thank you for the suggestion.

      – Jason

      • I have no affiliation with the book whatsoever, but it has profoundly impacted my understanding of what “God is love” really means.

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