Posted by: jakinnan | September 10, 2014

Your Great Challenge


The book “Killing Lions” is a conversation between John and Sam Eldredge about the trials young men face.

[Sam]   I recently read an article about a young Maasai man who came to the United States to pursue his master’s degree and then a doctoral degree. Before arriving in the Western world, the young warrior had killed a lion in order to protect his village and their cattle. This practice is deep in their tradition—that young men must face and defeat a lion with a spear, should it attack their livestock. He had been badly wounded, as one would expect, but after slaying the predator he was regarded as a hero and a leader. I can’t imagine any university final or job interview being very daunting for a man with lion scars across his chest.

There was something about that story that spoke to the deep places in my soul—something about having faced a great challenge, one in which victory was far from certain yet conquering it, that makes me wonder. If I had prevailed through my own great trial, would I walk taller or carry a greater confidence into this uncertain future? I can’t help but think: if I had taken down a lion, life wouldn’t feel like I’m heading out into the bush with only an iPhone at my side. –Sam Eldredge

– John Eldredge, Killing Lions

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