Posted by: jakinnan | September 21, 2014

09/19/2014 Scripture


There is more hope for fools
    than for people who think they are wise.

The lazy person claims, “There’s a lion on the road!
    Yes, I’m sure there’s a lion out there!”

As a door swings back and forth on its hinges,
    so the lazy person turns over in bed.

Lazy people take food in their hand
    but don’t even lift it to their mouth.

Lazy people consider themselves smarter
    than seven wise counselors.

Interfering in someone else’s argument
    is as foolish as yanking a dog’s ears.

Just as damaging
    as a madman shooting a deadly weapon
is someone who lies to a friend
    and then says, “I was only joking.”

Fire goes out without wood,
    and quarrels disappear when gossip stops.

A quarrelsome person starts fights
    as easily as hot embers light charcoal or fire lights wood.

Rumors are dainty morsels
    that sink deep into one’s heart.

-Proverbs 26:12-22 NLT

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