Posted by: jakinnan | May 13, 2015

The Connection of These Two Hearts


[Sam]   Are there some things we should do that might not come easy to build a relationship with God, or can we find him in whatever we prefer to do on our own and he will “meet us there”?

[John]   Again, because we live in such a subjective climate, where “spirituality” can mean anything, let’s be clear on what it is we want to cultivate. The Christian faith is at its center an invitation to intimacy with God. He is an actual person, with a personality and a heart just like you, and just as in any other relationship it is the connection of these two hearts that matters above all else. This is where we separate from religion, and this is what will rescue us from slipping back into it. Friendship with God is the heartbeat of it all; nothing else can substitute (though many things will try). So, the question is, how do you cultivate friendship and intimacy with God? (Isn’t that more refreshing than, “How do I get more serious about my religion?”) Simply ask yourself, “What would I do to cultivate a deeper intimacy with Susie, or with any of my friends?” Time together, talking about life, processing both your inner and outer experiences—it seems painfully obvious but it honestly is that simple.
– John & Sam Eldredge, Killing Lions

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